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Directive 901 update

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wintergrn #1 Posted 21 January 2017 - 05:18 PM


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The project seems to progress slowly but surely. Training HQs news.

training staffs
As the theater begins with a hanger, and the game in the "Directive" begins with the start of Staff. We were quite happy with the one homogeneous mass, which became starters after one of the patches in general. So we decided to go back to basics, and immediately give the players feel the differences between the countries represented in the game. It's all pretty classic: USSR, the strongest, the richest US, Germany and painful hits. 

But, of course, once there was a question about how this matter of balance. The American, we did not touch, because it is a good idea fits into the big picture. Council slightly cut strength, otherwise it gets too strong. But with the Germans had to be pretty to think. 

The main problem was that the German headquarters was frankly weaker than their peers. Because, in fact, the only effective tactic games for Germany - is to spread the headquarters of the enemy before the enemy until you will reach a tank avalanche. You could try to play on the field, but 4 resources do not allow to turn around. 
German had apat. But to increase the damage it was impossible to increase in strength would also have increased only AVSHD. Therefore, we decided to give the Germans the opportunity to compete for the field and added to it yedinichku resource growth. That it is not turned into a monster that devours opponents for breakfast, it was decided to compensate for the increase in the resource base of decreasing strength. Now the Germans have to think about protection, easy shooting in the headquarters of the enemy will not be the most optimal tactics.

In addition, we have decided to move away from the faceless "training camps", but instead to take a really existing tank school. Now on the first level, we settled comfortably: 

Orel Armored School " 20 points of strength, gain 5 attack 1. 

of Fort Bragg " 16 points of strength, gain 6 attack 1. 

PanzerTruppenSchule Wunstorf " 14 points of strength, gain 5 attack 2.

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